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Recently, a new client came to me asking my suggestions on making an old site-look new again.  I found the Midcentury Modern Furniture quite tasteful and came up with some great ideas, Shopify being the top choice. 

Former Green Wall Vintage SiteNew Homepage

Here are a few examples of our work, and let you see how using Shopify can clean up, update, and make it easy for your site visitors to find anything.

Above on left see a former Homepage and on right the new Homepage.
Below see other images and features we can add for you.

Current sites such as PopUpShop.bizGreen Wall Vintage Salvage Diesel, normally cost around $300 and up.

We can begin with a 1 Hour Consultation or Analysis of your current site, or start with 1 hour building your new one. Fee can also be applied to first hour of build. Just contact me with your inquiry, or take the leap and start your new career today.